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Research Interests

Theological Aesthetics: My primary area of study is the Christian theology of beauty.  Loves Me, Loves Me Not grew out of my work on questions of personal beauty and attraction, especially as expressed by Dante.  I am currently writing a book on a Reformed retrieval of the value of beauty and will be teaching a class on the theology of beauty at Regent College in Vancouver in the summer of 2008.  Here's a page of resources on the theology of beauty that I've assembled especially for the use of Christian college faculty.  It includes a large bibliography. http://www.calvin.edu/faith/resources/faculty/beauty/.

Ascension: During my sabbatical in the spring of 2007 I began work on a book about the significance of the ascension of Christ for everyday life.   

Doctrine of God: Much of my teaching has been in the area of the doctrine of God, and so I have written several articles introducing the doctrine of God to a general audience.

Bonaventure: My dissertation was on aesthetic epistemology in the thought of Bonaventure, a 13th-century Franciscan theologian who has become one of my great theological teachers.  I teach medieval theology, and this remains a central research area for me.



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